Self-Introductions//自己紹介 | 英会話

Today I will talk about self-introductions.

Self Introduction:
Hello! My name is Hana. I am half Japanese and half American. I am a native English speaker. I was born and raised in Seattle. I am currently a student at the University of Washington. Since I am a college student, many of the things I will talk about pertain to my age group and my experiences being a student.


Why I started this channel:
Sadly, I am not fluent in Japanese but I find that when I am fully immersed in Japanese (when everything around me is in Japanese and everyone only speaks Japanese), I can pick up the language quicker. Also, in college, I have been able to meet many Japanese students who are studying abroad. I have noticed that their English got better when they surround themselves with native speakers and only have conversations in English.
So, I wanted to create this channel and only speak in English. This way you can listen to a native speaker and be immersed in English as much as possible. I have also included English and Japanese subtitles so you can study them.



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