Being a Teacher 英語講師として〜聞き流し英会話 Amelie’s Thoughts No.4

Being a Teacher (some late night thoughts on the profession!)
Let me know what you think! Are you teacher? Do you have friends or family members who are teachers? How do they view their work?

Being a Teacher

What does it mean to be a teacher? Is the term simply for someone who teaches another individual: skills or knowledge that the other lacks? There are negative ways to look at this. There’s a famous quote by George Bernard Shaw, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

I’m a teacher, so I’m a bit biased upon giving opinions when it comes to this quote, but if those who can’t do, are the ones who are teaching, then won’t the world be overpopulated with those that can’t do? Therefore will not the world be filled with teachers with no one to teach? Other than children who will one day become like them? I am not saying that a student will become exactly like his teacher, but in order for one to teach, one must not only have complete knowledge on the matter at hand, but must also have a great amount of experience and understanding upon the subject.

A so-called “bad” teacher may teach a student who will take what he has learned and make it his own, therefore becoming one of the ones that “can”. That is possible. However how much more will an individual learn through a teacher that not only “can” but chooses to teach? How much more will that student gain?

And why does one teach? Perhaps the reasons are many.
Maybe one doesn’t know what to pursue in life, doesn’t know what to do after university, and therefore selects the path of teaching. Maybe it’s to simply make a living. Maybe it’s because of the love they have for children (if they teach children).

There are deeper and truer reasons worth considering. To better oneself though bettering those around him. To teach an individual and be a part of their education, therefore being a part of moulding one’s identity.

Or perhaps there are different views to consider, let me know in the comments below :)!


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