Chris Eikaiwa (クリス英会話): Anything new? 最後に会った時から何か変化があったかどうか

This is a very useful phrase used in natural conversation. When you haven’t met someone for a long time or you want to start a conversation with someone, you can use the phrase “Anything new?”. For some reason, this phrase is not often taught in schools or textbooks. The nuance of this phrase in Japanese is, “最後に会った時から何か変化があったかどうかを聞くって言うカジュアルなフレーズです。a good response to this question when you don’t know what to say is “nothing new” or “same old, same old”. If you do have some news to share, you can tell them by stating, “I went to____” or “I started (golfing, swimming, playing guitar, etc.”. Please try this phrase out and don’t be surprised when you are asked, “Anything new?”. made with #VideoShow


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