Chris Eikaiwa(クリス英会話): Travel Phrases (旅行で使える表現)

Hi! This video introduces 3 very useful phrases to use when you’re traveling for either fun or business. When you don’t understand something, ask someone directly “What does this mean?”. You can be specific by changing “this” to “this word”, “this phrase”, “this sentence”, etc. Another great question is “How do you pronounce…?). Just like the previous sentence, you can add “this word”, “this phrase”, etc. This is really important because it will help you properly speak and be able to understand native speaker’s accents. However, when it’s difficult to understand what’s being said (for example: a new word), please ask them “Could you write it down?”. I suggest having a little memo and pen with you so you can have people write things down for you. This will help you memorize new information. Please don’t be afraid to use these phrases when you go abroad! Good luck and keep practicing! Look forward to the next video because I’ll add some more useful phrases! made with #VideoShow


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