Chris Eikawa (クリス英会話) That’s Crazy!

Hi! This video discusses an often misunderstood phrase: “that’s crazy”. It’s a casual phrase that has some negative connotations, but it is also often used as an interjection in friendly conversation. It can even be used positively! Language is constantly changing, so it’s important to keep up-to-date with slang and commonly used words and phrases. Context is very important, so we must be careful about how words are being used in different situations. The Japanese word “yabai” originally meant dangerous or risky, but it’s commonly used in casual conversation as an interjection. The word “crazy” is often used to express shock or amazement. An athlete can be described as “crazy” if he did amazingly well during a competition. Have fun using this phrase but don’t overdo it or you might be thought of as “crazy” :)made with #VideoShow


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