【Kimini英会話】Teacher Isay

Find hard to learn English? Don’t struggle yourself! Glats is here wide open to help you!

Hi, my name is Riza R. Abalo. You may call me Teacher Isay. I graduated with the degree in Secondary Education major in Computer. I chose Computer as my major because I find it interesting and being computer literate will help you in almost any career. The majority of jobs across most industries rely on the use of computers.

In my previous job, as a teacher, I encountered some difficulties because it was my first-time teaching foreigners. I handled kids, teenagers, and adults.

I’m a person who loves plants and flowers and that’s why I like gardening! I like cooking too. In my spare time, I usually watch Korean dramas, surfing the internet, and of course, spend time with my family.

I like teaching English to students because I want to teach as well as learn at the same time. I like teaching because I want to help students improve their skills, especially in English. I want to see my students communicate well in English too. I love teaching because I believe that this is where I belong.

For me, English is fun. Do you want to learn English with me? Book now in Glats! Glats is a friendly school which caters to students’ English needs. For sure you will have fun studying and learning English with us. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect time to make English your best friend.

Remember this, “Don’t be afraid of creating mistakes because perfection is not our business. Let’s learn one at a time, step by step.” I am inviting you to join my class and let’s study English together. See you then!


◎PROFILE: https://jp.glats.online/teacher/isay






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