【Kimini英会話】Teacher Nellie

Hi everyone, My name is Nellie Jean Verana. You can call me Teacher Nellie. I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education. I took up this major because it’s my passion and I really love teaching. My previous job experience as an ESL teacher. Being an ESL Teacher helps me refine my language learning strategy.

I am fond of listening to music, watching movies, watching sports, playing puzzle and cooking. In my free time, I usually watch movies with my kids.

For me, English teaching can be very challenging and at the same time exciting. The challenging part is that you need to learn and absorb the technicalities of the language. The exciting part is the learning that you will get from it. The most important part of learning is the journey and experience with students. As an ESL Teacher, I savor every moment I spend with my students. They learn from me and I learn from them.

English is the most spoken in the world. We have to be comfortable in learning it to attain progress. I believe that learning English should be done in an exciting and enjoyable process. I am the kind of teacher who is willing to teach you by heart. I am more than willing to listen and understand my students’ needs.

I am looking forward to sharing and learning English with you! See you in my class!


◎PROFILE: https://jp.glats.online/teacher/nellie






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