【Kimini英会話】Teacher Kim

Hi! Hello!! my name is Yvette Kim Sente. You may call me Teacher Kim. I took up Bachelor of Arts major in Industrial Psychology. I took this course because I like dealing with people, their personalities and of course I want to understand them.

I like listening to music and watching movies during my free time.

I have chosen to be an ESL Teacher because I want to help students. I want to help them learn English. I also want to communicate, through English, with people from foreign countries to know more about their culture. I know that I can help them and I can teach students to achieve their goals in speaking English. I want to guide them all the way through.

As we all know, English is the international language. It is very important in communicating with other people. It has become incredibly important in business as well.

Come and join my class! I am the kind of teacher who will bring out the best in you. Let’s achieve your goals in English together!


◎PROFILE: https://jp.glats.online/teacher/kim






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